Siser Sublimation Marker Pens


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Siser Sublimation Marker pens are here now.

Three options, each in packs of 6 pens: Primary Colours, Pastels and Black.

These patented sublimation ink markers allow you to create personalised hand drawn designs and press onto any sublimation blank – such as mugs, keychains, coasters and even polyester clothing!

Siser Sublimation Markers look and feel like a normal chisel tip marker, but the ink is tranformed into gas when heated. Then the force of the heat press applies the gas onto the blank/garment where it turns back into a solid permanent design.

Draw your design – in reverse – on to normal copy paper (not sublimation paper)

Store Siser Sublimation Markers flat on their side

15 minutes before use turn marker tip down

Use parchment paper as a cover sheet



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