Siser Glitter 2 now in 35 gorgeous colours

Do you want to add more sparkle, shimmer and pizazz to your garment designs? Siser Moda Glitter 2 is the answer.

Siser has recently added 20 new colours to their Glitter 2 range. This makes it one of their most extensive colour ranges. Siser Moda Glitter 2 is the latest glitter product and is even better than the original. It is now available in 35 colours, it is easy to weed and has a pressure sensitive backing. It will give your design extra sass and sparkle that you want. It can be used on cotton, polyester and poly-cotton fabrics. Siser Moda Glitter 2 can be used as a standout design on its own or in conjunction with other Siser products. If you are layering your design, you must remember that the Glitter 2 layers needs to be the final layer. Siser Moda Glitter 2 can be used layered with any product in the Siser range that has P.S in the title however should only be used with other products that have the same fabric recommendation such as the Siser P.S film.

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AND … great news, we are now offering all these great Glitter 2 colours in convenient A3 (297mm x 420mm) size sheets – ideal for adding small touches of pizazz to your next project!

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